2023 World Championships Bet

by Canoeing House


Submit your bet only between 15th and 20th August 2023

The Bet is closed. Thank you for participating and good luck!

The Prize

The Canoeing House Casual Street TShirt
The Canoeing House Trucker Cap
Multicolor FixWatch World Champion Exclusive Edition


Only submissions sent between 15th and 20th August 2023 will be accepted.

Each email and/or instagram username can send only one submission to the bet. Repeated emails and/or instagram usernames will be deleted and only the most recent submission will be keeped.

The Winner

The Winner will be the bet who guesses the most World Champions in the 10 participating Olympic Events.

In case of draw, tie-break will be done according to the following order of events: W K4 500, M K4 500, W C1 200, M C1 1000, W K2 500, M K2 500, W K1 500, M K1 1000, W C2 500 & M C2 500. In case the draw persists, the final winner will be decided by raffle.