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“in the race itself, it’s easy, I do my daily routine”

Birth: 30/04/1993


Results highlights:

C1 500 World Champion in 2015 & 2017, 5th in C1 1000 & 9th in C1 200 in Rio 2016 Olympic Games, 8 times European Champion.

Canoe idol?

My father.

Favorite distance and training?

1000 and 500 meters. My favorite training is in summer on the water.

Favorite paddle and boat?

My favorite paddle is Braça Extra Wide and my boat is a Plastex Rio 1000 right now.

Motivation song?

Rap music.

Any advice for beginners?

Do what you love and remember: no pain no gain!

Apart from physical training, do you have mental training scheduled in your routine?

Physical training is the largest part of my training, but I also work with a mental coach who has given me some advice and sometimes we call each other.


How do you manage to keep calm before and during a competition?

The day before the race, I plan everything well: when I will get up, what and when I will eat, what time I will go to the racetrack, what time I will go to warm up, etc. On the day of the race, I keep everything and concentrate on myself.  In the race itself, it’s easy, I do my daily routine.


What is a normal day like as a professional paddler?

At the moment I’m in training in the USA, we usually start by running before breakfast or riding on the water. In the morning we have the main training on the water. At this time, we focus mainly on endurance. After lunch there is sleep and, in the afternoon, we start in the gym, and then we go for water, stretching and evening regeneration.


What are your hobbies apart from sport? What other activities are part from your routine?

I like to spend time with my wife on trips and we always combine it with good food. I’m very interested in coffee, so it’s a ritual for me to make a cup of filtered coffee.


Is there any athlete you enjoy the most training together?

For me, it is best to train in my home town of Nymburk with my brother and the whole Fuksič Team.


Rio 2016 were the first Olympic Games in which you took part in and you ended close to the medals in C1 1000 (5th). What are your expectations for Tokio 2021? Do you think they will take place?

I already dreamed of a medal in Rio, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I have the same dream for Tokyo and mainly I want my preparation to go without a problem and to be in great shape in Japan.  The Olympics will definitely be held!

Thank you Martin and good luck on the next great season!