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Save Sprint Canoeing in the Olympic Games


The ICF Board has decided about their new program proposal to the IOC. According to this, the number of sprint events will be reduced from 12 to 10 in Paris 2024 in favor of 2 new slalom events called Extreme Slalom. This is a non-existing sport with zero background in clubs and federations.

The 2 sprint events that would be eliminated will be K1 200m men and K1 200m women, events added in 2012 for its spectacularity.


“Extreme slalom” has artificially been developed for ICF events and reached extremely few athletes and audiences. It is shame that such a decision that affects our careers so profoundly was made without letting the main stakeholders, us (athletes and federations) know that the topic was under discussion, let alone prior consultation with us.

The IOC has not made a decision yet! It’s our time to raise our voices and let the decision-makers at the ICF know that this is not what we want!

2019 Live Streaming

  • Extreme Slalom (6 competitions)    90.180 total viewers
  • Sprint Events (5 competition)    1.690.076 total viewers

We are respectfully requesting that the ICF board reconsider their recent vote and allow for the opportunity to decline the proposal for Extreme Slalom.  If you agree: