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“I can definitely say that work gives me pleasure”

2-time bronze Olympic medalist,
4-time medalist in the 2019 European Games and
4-time medalist in the 2019 World Championships.


Volha has earned to be one of the favourite names for the gold in Tokyo 2021.


12/05/1994 Hoiniki (Belarus)




My best results are 2 times Olympic medalist in London 2012 and Rio 2016.


Kayak idol?

From the beginning of my career, Birgit Fischer was my idol, I have always admire her because she is undoubtedly the most titled athlete.


Favourite distance and training?

Certainly, my favourite distance is 500 meters. I prefer interval training or distance work.


Favourite paddle and boat?

I like working and cooperation with Jantex paddles and Nelo kayaks.


Motivation song?

Most likely I prefer rock.


Any advice for beginners?

It is very important to love what you are doing, as well as to believe in yourself and in your strength.

What do you think is the key to be a top athlete?

Unfortunately, there is no specific instruction on how to become a top athlete, I believe that willpower, perseverance and hard work play an important role!


Apart from physical training do you have mental training scheduled in your routine?   

If we have a preparatory period, then unfortunately there is very little free time, but I try to devote it to learning the language or reading books.


What do you think is your best paddling quality and what you’d like to improve?

I cannot describe myself,  I think you need to ask my coach or colleagues about this. I can definitely say that work gives me pleasure, especially when you are able to show a high level at international competitions! And yes, there are no limits to perfection, I think that every athlete dreams of improving all his qualities to achieve a result!


Is it important for you to train with a group or do you prefer training alone?

It all depends on the task and the period of preparation, basically our trainings take place in a group, because as you know, the result is born in rivalry!


Your country is known to have a very consistent team including men and women. How do you see the future of the young Belarusian athletes?                           

We have really stable team, l’m very proud of that! As for the young, they train with the main athletes, they complete with dignity and l’m sure that they will be no worse than us in the future, I believe in it!


Have you got some other job apart from being a professional athlete?                      

No, my main job is professional sports! Even with a strong desire I couldn’t combine!


What was the best competition of all your career?                                                         

There are many such competitions! Definitely, these are the competitions in which my team boat or myself show the best results!


From your point of view, what are the most strong competitors to beat in Tokyo 2021?

You know, there will no weak in principle, I’m sure that everyone who won the right to participate in the Olympic Games will come there only to win! And an athlete who will not only be strong physically but also psychologically will win!

Volha, thanks for your answers and good luck on your journey to Tokyo 2021!